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Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

Different from other tourism destionations in Viet Nam where tobe explored exhausted, Binh Dinh is one of destination still keep itself’s wild and keep from being into the "cultural tourism". So instead of detailed planning for your trip, we recommend that you should go with a spirit of discovery. Then you will be startled that there is nothing but turns out to hidden countless new things.
Binh Dinh- Hot destination but still extremely wild

With lots of beautiful, clean and wild beaches are waiting for you like De Gi beach, Trung Luong ( Phu Cat), Tan Phung ( Phu My), Eo Gio( Wind Waist), Ky Co ( Nhon Ly), Hon Kho (Dry Island) in Nhon Hai… Among them, you must come to Eo Gio( Wind Waist), Ky Co in Nhon Ly, a masterpiece of nature.

Eo Gio - Where enjoy the most beautiful  sunset of Vietnam


Eo Gio; photo: BTPI Center

Belongs to Hung Luong town, Nhon Ly commune ( Quy Nhon city) is the strait blue sea with high rocky mountains and strange shaped bending in the arms embracing the Strait forming a beautiful air inlet. The most unique feature in Eo Gio is rock and water. The water and wind erosion has created many caves with funny names: Kỳ Co cave,   Ba Nghe cave, Suc Khoe cave, Doi cave…

Ky Co- The paradise island

Landmarks Ky Co is at  Nhon Ly commune, far away Quy Nhon city about 25 km. With the wild beauty, Ky Co impress guests with pure sea water, natural lakes and long sandy beaches suitable for outdoor activities in the sea.

At Ky Co, sea water devides clearly into two colors: in shallow water near the shore is blue, and distant part sea is darker. At low tide, visitors can delight to organize games such as soccer, volleyball, diving coral reef, shrimp and fish under the ocean. If travelers are romantic, love peaceful and soft feeling, you can walk on the beach and rocky mountains in Ky Co., chose the most beautiful corner, sightseeing, sitting and listening to the spreading.passionate flavors of the sea.  
If tourists are bored at sea view, they can get camping trip at Trung Luong- hot camping trip in social net work this time.
Picnic area is taken photos by young people at Trung Luong sea, Cat Tien Commune, Phu Cat Dist, Binh Dinh, away Quy Nhon city about 30km.
The restaurant area is separated but not too far, in a higher position so that you can easily have a meal,and get panoramic view of blue vast waters.
One of the most attractive activities is camping in a small valley, be surrounded by the mountains, with sea views.

Author: Thanh Hau - BTPI Center

Source: Thanh Hậu – TTTTXTDL

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