Tourism on holiday in April 30th and May 1st: Sea tours attract tourists

Sunday - 11/06/2017 23:15
On the occasion of April 30th and May 1st this year, the number of visitors come to Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh is quite high. Many tourists choose sea tourism programs and most concentrated in Nhon Hai, Nhon Ly, FLC Quynhon, Trung Luong - Cat Tien.
Dry Island is overload

Be prepared, thoughtful service

According to the Department of Tourism, through the inspection as well as capture the media, the holidays 30.4 and 1.5 this year, although the number of visitors too crowded, the hotels in Quy Nhon have seriously taken an accommodation rates for international guests, overseas Vietnamese, as well as domestic guests; There is a price list at the front desk and there is no elevated service charge. Three to four star hotels have upgraded their rooms and improved service quality to serve better their visitors. Some hotels such as Hai Au (Seagull Hotel), Saigon-Quy Nhon, Hoang Yen ... organized food buffet program of local dishes together with music programs for guests staying at hotels.
The local travel business units have well prepared the means of transporting passengers, actively build tours with a variety of time, programs and destinations in the province to serve tourists. Most visitors choose a 3- 4 day tour, which matches the day of holidays.
According to the Department of Tourism, the total number of visitors registering at tourist accommodation establishments in Quy Nhon City during the 4 days of holiday is about 12,500 visitors, an increase of 43%; The total number of tourists  is about 45,000, up 18% over the same period last year. Most of tourist are coming from Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and some neighboring provinces like Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen.
Sea tours attract tourists
Mr. Phan Ngoc Dung, Director of Quy Nhon Sea Company, said: During several days off, due to weather reason, the means of transporting passengers by sea did not reach Ky Co, so it was concentrated to take customers to Dry Island - Nhon Hai, making Dry Island too busy. The good thing is that the localities have done well the work of security and traffic safety, not to let the accident happen.
Determining the number of tourists will be very crowded during the holidays, the People's Committee of Nhon Hai established tourism management team, guiding the means of transporting passengers parked at the right places, clearing the traffic jam, ensuring traffic safety; Remind guests of the means of transportation at sea to ensure safety for visitors; Restaurants, foodstuffs keep environmental sanitation, food hygiene and safety, sell at the right prices listed.
In  Trung Luong Sea, activities of bathing, kayaking, snorkeling, sea games, seafood ... also attracted large number of visitors. Most visitors are very satisfied with tourism of Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh because of reasonable prices, fresh seafood, and attractive destinations, clean and friendly environment, security and order are guaranteed. 
Nguyen Phu Thien, from Binh Dinh province, is living and working in Kon Tum province, taking his family to Quy Nhon on 30.4 and 1.5  this year said: I came to Binh Dinh several times yearly, but this time is travelling by the right way, stay in hotel, eat at restaurants, buy tour to travel. I found that tourism in Binh Dinh is quite professional now. The sea is very beautiful, cheap seafood. Many family friends go with my family compliment Quy Nhon City clean, beautiful; tourism in Binh Dinh are more customers than a few years ago; I am very proud of my hometown. "
Mr. Nguyen Pham Kien Trung, Director of Central Vietnam Company, said his company welcomed many delegations from Hanoi. Most visitors to Hanoi compliment the beautiful Quy Nhon beach, blue water, bathing delight and fresh seafood. Particularly good gifts are ... too much, there are many delicious dishes to buy as gifts.
According to the assessment of the functional sector, during the holidays, travel activities, accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing in the province has created a good impression in the hearts of tourists; security and traffic security are ensured.
* According to the incomplete statistics of the Department of Tourism, during the holidays 30.4 and 1.5; the number of visitors visit the tourist destinations in the province as follows: Ham Ho Ecological area about 6,500 visitors . Quang Trung Museum and God Worshipping Palace about 4,000 visitors. Quynhon FLC (golf course, Safari Park, Eo Gio) is over 20,000 times. Ky Co beach about 1,500 turns. The points in the area of ​​Nhon Hai commune is over 8,000. Trung Luong - Cat Tien about 2,500 times. Other tourism points are more than 2,000 visitors.

Source: Nguyen Vu- Binh Dinh Newspaper

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