Spring tourism Festival of Rooster Year 2017: The emphasis spring of Quy Nhon City

Sunday - 11/06/2017 23:50
Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year 2017 was held at Centre Square with the garden of art, and the mascot symbol – the couple rooster-hen 6m height- were decorated carefully, that was the highlight of Quy Nhon city from December 28th ( lunar year- 1st of Tet) till now, attracting people and tourists taking photos and watching.
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Impressive the garden of art

In the morning of North wind drizzling rain in December 28th (lunar year), the couple of rooster and hen were put at Centre Square display, attracting people and getting more praises “ beautiful couple”. To people who related to Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year, the pair chichken is done better than the design- a half success of festival. At night of that day, the weather was so nice to celebrate the opening the garden of art and the couple mostcot of Rooster Year for people and tourists attendence. And this event was really “hot” from 20:00 January 30th ( 3rd of Tet) because the Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year- Binh Dinh 2017 was opened officially, with crowd and tourists joined in.

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Before the opening, at Center Square; we saw happy smile of leaders, staffs of Tourism Department and Festival organization, some bussiness tourism in Quy Nhon city. Many people acknowledge the couple rooster and hen is the most beautiful in Viet Nam ( without official “rating”, just through media and social network). How happily that the couple rooster and hen with lovely golden eggs- wishing happiness, lucky to everyone, every family; hoping that tourism and economy of province make “golden eggs” to rise strongly. Smiles and shaking hands tightly. Succeed! Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year 2017 is really the highlight of Quy Nhon City in this spring.

In Tet Rooster Year, friends in Quy Nhon also call phone toghether and get the answer that “ being at the couple rooster and hen”, or “ taking photos at the couple rooster and hen”. “The couple rooster and hen” was become common noun to quote Center Square in this Tet. Many families, friends in Quy Nhon city and many local in province, tourists from places come to visit, seeing the garden of art and exihibiton “Spring in Binh Dinh”, taking photos.

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From 3rd to 5th  of Tet, the Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year-2017 with cultral activity, art, folk games, cuisine, tourism promotion product… received the majority of residents and visitors. The special show of  dance group Camelia with singer: Anh Dao, Tung Duong, Thanh Lam, Dang Duong, from Hanoi, also attract a large audience, increase the charming of festival.


According to Mr. Nguyen Tuan Thanh- Vice chairman of  People’s Committee: The Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year-2017 is a meaningful cultural activity; a message which sends to tourists about Binh Dinh where is deeply cutural identity and hospitality, extending our hand to welcome tourists inland and outland; simultaneousl; satisfy the entertainment of people in the traditional Lunar New Year of nation. Through the activities of the festival in honor of identity, cultural values, potential tourism of the locality; welcoming tourists to Binh Dinh to explore and get experience. This is also the time to confirm tourism trade of Quy Nhon- Binh Dinh, contributes for demand stimulus tourism inland; advertise, introduce places, products, services tourism Binh  Dinh.

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At night 5th of Tet (February 1st), The Spring tourism festival of Rooster Year-2017 closed with many feelingsbecause of the first successful organization, impress to people and tourists. Talking to architec Tran Hanh, Director of investment holding company Binh Dinh- who has actively contributed to the Festival said that, success of festival is good thing, but if we had condition to organise next years, we must be active in soon preparing to get more time making good sponsor invitation, socialized festival, aimed to get condition to make better, more items to attract.

Source: Nguyen Vu- Binh Dinh Newspaper

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