Effort to keep reputation of Binh Dinh tourism brand

Monday - 12/06/2017 11:29
For the past few years, Binh Dinh tourism has been growing rapidly, attracting more and more tourists. This result comes from the relentless effort of branches, tourism enterprises and people. However, if do not care to build and strengthen a healthy, civilized, friendly and safe environment, the reputation of Binh Dinh tourism will be severely affected
Positive results
Promoting the victory of the tourism summer season of 2016, since the beginning of the year, Binh Dinh tourism industry has welcomed a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. Tourism of Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh is becoming more and more known as a new attractive destination on tourism map of country . According to the Department of Tourism, the business activities of tourism in the area, destinations in the province are organized quite well, professional, achieved good results, made impressive and attract many visitors to Binh Dinh .
A corner of Dry Island beach- Nhon Hai in summer 2017

In order to prepare for tourism summer season in the summer of 2017, enterprises in the province have continued investing and refining technical facilities, ensuring environmental hygiene and food safety, security, seriously implement service price stabilization. Travel companies have well organized tours in and out of the province to serve tourists. The destinations such as: Quang Trung Museum, God Worshipping Palace, Ham Ho,  Resort FLC Quy Nhon ... have well served tourists, ensuring environmental hygiene, security and order; impressed well with tourists about Binh Dinh image.

State management of tourism is strengthened. The planning of zones, clusters, points of interest. Investment promotion for tourism development is focused, from the beginning of 2017 up to now have seven tourism projects - services are approved by the provincial People's Committee investment policy. The provincial People's Committee has directed the localities, departments and agencies to strengthen the management of business service activities in Nhon Ly, Nhon Hai - Quy Nhon; Especially on activities of transporting guests at sea, security and order, food safety and hygiene. The province also directs the rapid development and implementation of Night Market, Walking Street, cuilinary and bathing, public toilets for tourists.
Reorganize the activities of tourism island
In addition to the achievement, Binh Dinh Tourism also has some limitations that need to be overcome, especially tourism island activities. It is no coincidence that two of the activities of the Department of Tourism in June, 2011 are  implementing  the Provincial People's Committee's plan on "Strengthening management and restoration of tour operators and guides"; "Strengthening management of tourist destinations ".
It can be said, activity of tourism island is quite attractive, but also contains many inadequacies. For example, the case of Hoang Dat Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company increased ticket prices into Ky Co beach from 30,000 to 50,000 VND / passenger; The ticket office is not professional, not friendly, while not investing well infrastructure and services to tourists, negatively affecting the prestige of Binh Dinh tourism.
Through the press information as well as the reflection of the travel and tourism companies, Department of Tourism has surveyed and held a meeting (in May 4th 2017) including the relevant branches and a number of enterprises with Hoang Dat Company to rectify; At the same time, report to the provincial People's Committee a number of issues related to Ky Co - Nhon Ly of the meeting mentioned above.
The meeting noted the comments of most participants do not agree with the way of Hoang Dat Company. According to the representative of the Department of Finance, Ky Co - Nhon Ly beach is a common area for the community, so investors have to balance the benefits of doing business with the interests of people. The fare issuance must be clearly separated about the types of guest services used. Representative of Quy Nhon City People's Committee asked Hoang Dat Company must invest in services in accordance with the fare and harmonious balance of benefits for the stakeholders. Ticket prices and other services must be publicized on the basis of specific business plans.
Another problem, as reflected by the travel companies, recently in the area of Ky Co appeared some people blocking passenger ships from the sea of Nhon Hai to Ky Co,  just only for ships passenger from Nhon Ly. This represents the idea of monopoly, unfair competition in tourism activities, worsening image of Binh Dinh province.
Especially in the first five months of 2017, Nhon Chau commune has received 3,000 visitors at home and abroad, mainly through tour operators in Quy Nhon city; Some companies have organized night activities such as fishing, squid fishing ... in the sea, potentially dangerous accidents for tourists.
In order to maintain the prestige of Binh Dinh province and not to affect the development of tourism as an important economic branch of the province, the provincial Steering Committee for Development and the relevant branches and levels should take practical action. And resolutely, promptly correct and finally deal with violations in tourism activities in the area.
Tourists come to Binh Dinh increase 12%
According to statistics of the Department of Tourism, the number of tourists to Binh Dinh province is estimated at 1.573 million, up 12% over the same period in 2016 (international visitors estimated 110 thousand, increasing 8%, domestic visitors estimated at 1.463 million, up 12%). Total revenue for the first 5 months is estimated at 820 billion VND , up 37% over the same period last year (of which residential revenue is estimated at 277.2 billion VND , accounting for 34% of total revenue and estimated revenue of 332,8 billion VND , accounting for 41%, sales and services are estimated at 96.8 billion VND , accounting for 11%, travel and transportation revenue is estimated at 113.2 billion VND , accounting for 14%.


Source: Following Nguyen Vu- Binh Dinh Newspaper

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