The contest “Binh Dinh talent tourism guide 1st – 2017”: Recruit "talent" for tourism industry

Sunday - 25/06/2017 22:29
Organizing Committee (OC) of Binh Dinh Tourism Summer Festival in 2017 has issued the plan to organize the contest “Binh Dinh talent tourism guide 1st – 2017”. Previously, there was a tour guide of Binh Dinh won the contest good tour guide in the Central region and won the National Prize; however, this is the first time the contest of Binh Dinh talent tourism guide was held in province.
huong dan vien binh dinh
Tourists listen to tour guide introduce about Temple of Tay Son brothers at Quang Trung Museum
Following Mr. Nguyen Van Dung- Director of Tourism Department, Deputy of Organizing Committee of Binh Dinh Tourism Summer Festival 2017: The contest aims to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the founding of Vietnam tourism industry; celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day September 2nd. At the same time, in order to contribute to improve knowledge, professional qualification of tour guide team in the province. To create opportunities for learning, exchanging experiences among tour guides, pupils and students participating in tour guide contest in the province. Propaganda, introduce attractive tourism destinations in the province to attract domestic and foreign visitors. Select the best tour guides in Binh Dinh tourism industry to participate in national tour guide contests.
Participants of the contest include tour guides who get card (international, domestic); working (official or collaborating) at Binh Dinh Travel Association, travel business enterprises, tour centers in the province; Presenter, tour guide at museums. Students study tour guide at school which training tourism department in the province.
Following plan, units organize themselves for prequalification round, selecting the best candidates; or recruit, nominate good tour guides who present for unit to take part in semi- final of the contest. For free tour guides, there is an elemination round at Binh Dinh Travel Association. Semi- final and final round will be held in Quy Nhon city in September 2017.
Semi- final will be held into 2 tables: A table (participants are tour guides who have international, domestic cards; interpreter); B table (students, pupils, people who interested in tourism). In semi- final, candidates have 3 parts: Quick Knowledge Test 100 questions (40 points); Candidates do in 10 minutes. Candidates draw lots and interpret by topic (40 points); time: 5 minutes. Answer situated question (20 points). The judge will select 20 candidates (each table: 10 candidates) who get the highest point in semi- final to reach to final round.
In final round, there are 3 parts: proganda skill tourism destinations of Binh Dinh through video on 5-7 minutes. Candidates choose accidentialy among videos of OC prepare 2 days before the contest. Answer the questions of the judge involve in presentation topic and solve situation (3 minutes). Candidates prepare gifted contest which is suitable with tourism major (sing, organize games…); time: 5 minutes.
Total value of prize up to 24 millions VND (2 tables). Each prize will get certification of OC, with artifacts of sponsor. In addition, OC will give many valuable gifts in asking questions with audience in final round with total value 3 millions VND.
Note: Candidates prepare general knowledge about economy, culture- society of Binh Dinh province from 2010- 2016. Cultural-historical knowledge of the nation through the struggle and construction of the country and Binh Dinh. Geographical, cultural and historical characteristics of historical relics in the province; Cultural and religious characteristics of the province. Legal knowledge related to tour guides and tourism guiding activities. Professional instruction, case management, animation skills of tour guides. Communication skills, demonstration in tour guides working; Talent contest.

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