Visiting Phu My Commune, to Vi Rong Cape and Hon Nuoc lighthouse

Sunday - 14/01/2018 20:51
Binh Dinh is known as paradise of sea and islands, this place not only attracts tourists, but also giving the peacfull scenery to everyone once coming here.
Binh Dinh attracts tourists to Quy Nhon Beach, Eo Gio or glacious Ky Co and countless another landscapes. Besides that, Binh Dinh has many beautiful destinations which attract tourists with pristine, natural scenes: Vi Rong Cape and Hon Nuoc lighthouse are among them.
From Phu My Town to My Tho commune about 20km, tourists will see a red reef, protruding toward the sea 20m. At the center of the rock, there is a small cave constantly battered by sea waves. Seen from distance, the scene suggests a dragon's mouth throwing outt dazzling white water, hence the name Vi Rong Cape (Dragon Fin Cape) is given to this rock. According to the myth, the ancient Dragon Fin Cape is a block, shaped like fish fin, called "Dragon Fin stone" by the local. In Tang Dynasty, Cao Bien- a geograpist specializing in finding spiritual to curse, came to find this Dragon Cape. Cao Bien knew this spiritual air the he cut the dark spirit from the Cape. When the cape was cut off, the dragon fins fell off and the shedding blood became small red rocks mixxing into the sand below; this rock is special spot of Vi Rong Cape.
It is likely a dragon's mouth throwing out dazzling white water
When the sun rises, with special population of rocks such as Bai Ban, Da Dung, Vi Rong Cape is like a dragon flying to the sea.
Vi Rong Cape; Photo: Thuy Nga
Tourists can visit Hon Nuoc lighthouse, which is 3km from Tan Phung fishing village. Hon Nuoc lighthouse or Vung Moi lighthouse located in Ga Go mount, belongs to Go Dua range. This lighthouse was built in French colonial period with the light is 16,2m ; dark rocks. To come to Hon Nuoc lighthouse, tourists must go to the path with narrow and high slope steps.
Hon Nuoc lighthouse
From the lighthouse downward, tourists see large, small rocks welcoming white waves. That is Bai Ban, a sandy beach with funny rocks making pristine beauty. Coming here, tourists not only have sightseeing, walking, or immersing into the pure blue water, diving to see fish, coral reef... and getting some shells. 
From Hon Nuoc lighthouse; Photo: Thuy Nga

Author: Le Tran- BTPI Center

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