Quang Trung Museum- The highlight of Tay Son Dynasty on Binh Dinh- the land of martial arts.

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Binh Dinh- where waves are effervescent whole year, where ancient Cham towers, where traditional martial arts absorb deeply in soul of people, where is essence of Boi singing art, bai choi and traditional craft village, deliciou speciality dishes… especially, this is also a place to mark the heroic victory of Quang Trung- Nguyen Hue. Quang Trung Museum is the best place to mark the Tay Son‘s imprints left over Binh Dinh land.
Statue of King Quang Trung- photo: BTPI
Statue of King Quang Trung- photo: BTPI
Quang Trung Museum is located 45km in the northwest of Quy Nhon City center, in Kien My village, Binh Thanh commune, Phu Phong town now, Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province. In 1978, museum was built on 95.000m2 in a solemn, harmony with the landscape; arichitecture is both ancient and modern, with 9 galleries of relics and artifacts of the peasant rebellion Tay Son (1771-1789), and thounsands of origin documents and hundreds of artifacts restored of Tay Son Dynasty. Quang Trung Museum is considered to have a rich collection of material and artifacts about the glorious era of King Quang Trung- Nguyen Hue such as elephant’s skin drum of Tay Nguyen compatriots, seals, bronze bell, cannon, coin, Thai Duc’s documents, and the tomnstone of Tay Son family…
Inside the museum, there are 3 main chambers, dividing into 3 directions to the statue, along with the entrance from the museum entrance, creating a circular and balanced layout, opening in four directions, then converting into one pont: that is where the statue of Quang Trung- Nguyen Hue put. Visiting the museum, tourists will be introduced fully and deeply about Tay Son, looking at the clothes of ancient civil mandarin and martial arts mandarin. In addition, tourists also admire the weapons fighting with Tay Son insurgent army won 20 thousands Thanh army and many other florious victories.
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Tourists listen to presenters present the artifacts in the Museum- photo: BTPI
Located on the right of museum is the house of Tay Son brothers and now is the Tay Son shrine of Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Nhac, Nguyen Lu and mandarins of Tay Son Dynasty. The vestige complex has a total area of 2.325 m2, has been classified National Monument on April 29th 1979 and was recognized as a special national monument by the Prime Minister on December 31st 2014.
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Tourists visit the old Tamarind tree of Tay Son’s house- Photo: BTPI
In front of the wide yard is triple gate of the entrance; next is the house which record merit of Quang Trung- Nguyen Hue written by national language. The main hall includes three rooms, the middle hall worships Quang Trung- Nguyen Hue, and with a paiting he rode a horse in a glass frame, the left side worshipping Nguyen Nhac, the right side worshipping Nguyen Lu. In two front sides worshipping madanrins of Tay Son Dynasty such as: Tran Quang Dieu, Bui Thi Xuan, Vo Van Dung, Ngo Thi Nham, Ngo Van So, Tran Van Ky… In the old garden of Tay Son’s family ramains two relics with bold memorial family of national hero are: the old tamarind tree and the old well, from the time of Ho Phi Phuc. The old tamarind is located on the left if Tay Son palace, which is covered with leaves covering a corner of the garden with tree circumference up to 3.5m. The tamarind tree is where Nguyen Nhac met with soldiers and people secretly worshipped Tay Son brothers after the temple was burned. On the right of Tay Son palace is the well, 0.9m in diameter, was built by bee stones and not as deep as it is now. Later, villagers drug further and built a flange higher than the ground 0.8m to make well for whole village. Coming here, tourists can sit under the tamarind tree, drinking water of the well to back time history.
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Tourists visit the relic “Old Well” of Tay Son’s house- photo: BTPI
Being a place to preserve many historical, cultural value and spiritual value of the nation, Quang Trung Museum is a tourist destination can not be ignored when visitors coming to Binh Dinh. Especially in January 4th and 5th (lunar calender) yearly, people here and tourists from everywhere gather here to join in festival and revie spirit of the historic Dong Da victory.


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